Les Bohémiens is a fashion house founded by Francesco De Falco and Pasquale D’Avino in 2013.

It distinguishes itself for the unique inclination towards art, for the strong attention to cultural avant-gardes and for its multidisciplinary approach that meets music, cinema, photography and design.


These interests represent unlimited sources of enlightenment for the brand creation and they are at the bottom of important collaborations established with art expositions, underground parties and independent music festivals.


Our brand purpose is to preserve consistency among: the ethics on which our dedication is founded, the iconographic research that inspires our projects and the social and cultural message that we want to impart through our collections.


The same ethical values that underlie our creative process, are at the bottom of our items manufacturing process , that are created, entirely in Italy, from Campania’s artisans.


Through our collections we carry on our social commitment in defending human rights.

With this aim we support ONG and ONLUS, among which EMERGENCY and UNICEF, trough donations and collaborations for charity aim,  by offering our economic and educational contribution to their humanitarian missions.